Sustainable Smart Village and Goshala promoted by Indo-German Joint Collaboration

Currently there are many opportunities for investing in rural development: One of the most promising opportunities is the Sustainable Smart Goshala (Cow Shelter) village or Smart Village in India.

To solely produce electricity from Solar or Biogas is not viable because of the current PPA (power purchase agreement) is very low (between $0.05-$0.07, varying from state to state) in India. On the other hand, when solar energy is used for captive consumption, it is interesting because the commercial rate is much higher than the PPA and your excess power can be supplied to the owner of affordable housing and other applications.

In the same area where you setup your Sustainable Smart Goshala Village you can cultivate organic agricultural products and medicinal plants, establish a hatchery, fishery and a biogas plant with CNG production and cooking gas in view of creating a sustainable eco-park.

We can set up MSME industries as cluster by providing each household with skill development to become ATMANIRBHAR (self sustained) employed.

Solar power panels can be installed on the roof tops of a cow shelter, a resort farmhouse, an education centre, a hospital as well as affordable housing.

The energy generated can be used to supply the Sustainable Smart Goshala Village and any excess energy can be sold.

These are all additional income sources which make your investment viable.

Follow our path of expertise to pave the road to your success!